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FIDA’s candies combine quality and taste, fun and delight, offering to consumers moments of “sweetness” to share with their loved ones. Bonelle Gelées, Gocce, Tenerezza, Sanagola and Charms are just some of the unique and inimitable 100% Italian brands, to discover, try and share, even on social network sites. Le Bonelle Gelées are the first brand to be featured on our product page on Facebook. All you have to do to play and find out more about your favourite candies is to click on ‘Like’.

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Le Bonelle gelées saranno protagoniste in TV nelle prossime settimane, con un breve spot dal tono simpatico ed allegro, tipico del brand Bonelle. La campagna, focalizzata su LA7 e LA7d, andrà in onda nei formati brevi da 7” e 10” dal 29 Novembre al 12 Dicembre e dal 27 Dicembre al 5 Gennaio 2016 per un totale di oltre 700 spot trasmessi. Se non avete ancora visto il nostro spot nessun problema, potete trovarlo anche sul nostro nuovo canale YouTube

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Bonelle 4 You are a product studied and realized by Fida for all the type of consumers (from here the name 4 YOU «for you, for everybody) because able to satisfy every requirement. A true delight that finds everyone in agreement, giving Pleasure and Balance for its features.Bonelle 4 You are vegetal at 100%, ideal for who is following a vegetarian-vegan diet as they DO NOT CONTAIN ANIMAL GELATINE but only ingredients of vegetal origin.

Fida: It is online the shop of the most delicious candies!

For the happiness of everybody starting from today is online the sweetest web-store! Fida is one of the first Italian Confectionery Company to open an online shop entirely devoted to candies. Today the innovation joins the quality and the deliciousness that characterize Fida’s candies. Please visit the online store and discover which is the assortment you prefer; purchasing is simple, fast and safe. At the moment online sales are available only in Italy.


SM COLOGNE From 26th to 29th January 2013 – Hall 4.2 stand D25 Cologne Exhibition Centre Messeplatz 1 , Cologne Germany

FIDA even more social, now available also on Pinterest

FIDA describes itself through the colours, the tastes and sensations that only pictures know how to capture and suggest. A new sweet and delicious social profile for all the people that love our candies! Fida passion for sweetness

Gocce Caffè: the right boost for a taste that will conquer you

100% of coffee Arabica , sugar and natural aroma of coffee, are the main ingredients that make unique and inimitable our new product , GOCCE al Caffè, projected and produced by Fida for all the people that love coffee in every way! As the others filled candies of the range Gocce also the newborn characterizes and differentiates itself for its “shell” with flower’s shape and a filling of coffee concentrated at 4% for an intense taste of coffee. Available in bag of 180gr and in 1 kg bulk.

Range Extension: Sanagola Sugar free

Red fruit and Tropical fruit are the latest flavours that renovate and enrich the range of chewable Sanagola sugar free. Available in impulse channel (Bar and tobacconist) in handy flip top box of 40 gr, along with the others tastes Assorted and Liquorice. Chewable candies made with pure Arabic gum, without aspartame and without artificial colourings suitable for all the consumers that care about what they eat but that do not give up to the pleasure of a good candy.


BONELLE SPECIAL EDITION it is an exclusive selection of the most scrumptious assortment of gelées with fruit taste produced in the history of Bonelle. A limited edition pack of 320 gr realized for celebrating the first 40 years of the Company. Soft gelées with assorted flavours of Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Orange, Gooseberry, Cherry, Lemon and Strawberry, prepared with only pure fruit pectin, without artificial colourings and suitable also for coeliacs because gluten free.

FIDA’s candies inside the Prontuario AIC degli Alimenti 2012

FIDA srl choose to cooperate with l’Associazione Italiana Celiachia (AIC) adhering to the project “Prontuario AIC degli Alimenti edizione 2012”, in order to serve at the best also the celiac consumer. The Team that is drawing up the handbook, has appraised our main products, as suitable for consumption from part of celiac consumers (gluten < 20 mgs / Kg), and our product have been listed at pag. 117 of the Prontuario AIC edition 2012. The suitability for the celiac consumer is guaranteed by our Company through a careful control of productive processes and of the raw materials used, beside a proper training of our staff in order to avoid gluten contaminations. For more information on Celiac disease and on a gluten-free diet please consult the web site of Associazione Italiana Celiachia

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New-born Le Bonelle gelées Fruit of the Forest

The brand “Le Bonelle” is enlarging its own range with the new assortment “Frutti di Bosco” with four delicious flavours: blueberry, gooseberry, blackberry and raspberry. The new favourites of Fida’s house are joining the more traditional, but always loved flavours of: lemon, orange, strawberry and cherry, in order to offer to the consumers a richer and more delicious choice of soft fruit flavour jellies. Le Bonelle Frutti di Bosco are a good and wholesome product suitable for the whole family because are prepared with only pure fruit pectin, are gluten-free and without artificial colourings, a true and authentic delight.

What is the difference between Gummy candies and Geléss candies?

In the world of candies, the variety of the offer is very wide and often it is easy to make confusion among the different classes of product, taste and format. Speaking about candies, it is necessary to know that the biggest portion of the offer is represented by Soft candies produced with substances that have the characteristic of restraining water in order to form an elastic structure. According to the raw material used, soft candies, can be divided mainly in two categories: gummy candies and Gelées Candies. Gummy Candies are normally produced with animal gelatin, obtained from swine or bovine, meanwhile for Gelées Candies it is used the pectin: a natural gelling agent of vegetable origin, contained inside the pulp and the peel of many fruits (as for example apples and citrus fruits). The pectin extracts from fruit, can be consumed also by people that are suffering of food intolerance and it is suitable for every kind of consumer. On market you can also find soft candies that are using as a gelling agent the Arabic Gum, a substance with vegetable origin. For a conscious and aware choice about what we eat, the advice is of always reading the label on which it is indicated among the ingredients which kind of gelling agent is used.

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SWEETS & SNACKS MIDDLE EAST From 19th to 21st November 2012 Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre Sheikh Rashid Hall Booth Y02 Dubai U.A.E. ISM COLOGNE From 27th to 30th January 2013 – Hall 4.2 Cologne Exhibition Centre Messeplatz 1 , Cologne Germany GULFOOD From 25th to 28th February 2013 Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre Rashid Hall Booth R- K44 ANUGA From 5th to 9th October 2013 Cologne Exhibition Centre Cologne Germany

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